In our Developmental program we offer our students high quality education in a caring and nurturing environment. Our goal is to instill in our students the joy of artistic expression and accomplishment. We strive to enhance their self-image and poise while learning and experiencing a true art form. Dance is an excellent exercise for the mind and body. The gift of dance is a valuable choice and can be an important asset in all aspects of development.

“Every person’s body is infused with the spirit of dance. It simply lives in each of us, waiting for us to exercise its powers of freedom and joy.” –Gloria Duval

In our Company program auditioned students will be given unique opportunities to fine tune and develope there skills in a more focused environment. AOD will serve each one of these students as they strive to reach their full potential. (Our company program produces nationally competitive dancers.) Both programs work under the expert guidance of a passionate and compassionate faculty. We require each dancer to be a contributing team member and have the desire to be part of an ensemble. Our dancers use the knowledge they have developed through their training with these programs to help them become confident individuals, structured students academically, and physically strong people. Some alumni of the program have chosen careers in dance or related fields. We hope all dancers will come to appreciate the soul and beauty of the art form and enjoy the mind-body-spirit connection involved in the expression of dance.

“When dance achieves its true purpose, it cannot help but touch the hearts of its participants – whether they are sitting motionless in the audience or leaping valiantly through the air onstage” –Dana Landry