REGISTRATION is done on-line click HERE to be directed to the registration login. A $30 registration fee is due at time of enrollment and non-refundable.  First Semester Tuition is due September 1st, 2018.  See Tuition prices below per semester.  Semester is 15 weeks.  August 10th 5-8pm and 11th 10:30-1:30 – see you there!


3&4 year old PRE-BALLET: Tuesday 9:45am, Thursday 12:45pm, Saturday 9:15am $155

4&5 year olds BALLET AND TAP: Thursday 1:30pm $210

5&6 year olds BALLET AND TAP: Monday 4:30pm, Tuesday 4:30pm, Saturday 10:00am $210

6&7 year old BALLET AND TAP: Wednesday 5:15pm $210

7&8 year old BALLET AND TAP: Tuesday 4:30pm $210

8&9 year old BALLET AND TAP: Wednesday 4:15 $210

8&9 year old BALLET TAP AND JAZZ: Monday 5:30pm $355

10&11 year old BALLET TAP AND JAZZ: Wednesday 4:30pm $355

12-18 year old BALLET TAP AND JAZZ: Monday 7:00pm $425

K-3rd grade hip hop: Thursday 4:30pm $190

3rd-5th grade hip hop: Thursday 5:15pm $190

5th-12th grade hip hop: Thursday 6:00pm $200

K-3rd grade acrobatics: Tuesday 4:30 $190

3rd-6th grade acrobatics: Tuesday 5:15 $210


Dance is an art form based on individual progression that is reviewed by the primary teacher. The Accent On Dance directors and staff place students in class groupings based on progress of skills, technique and physical development. Sometimes the aptitude toward this art form becomes increasingly apparent and may constitute a change in groupings that have no reflection on past groupings or number of years that an individual has participated in dance. An art form does not necessarily correlate with a grade level in school. New students are interviewed by the staff and assigned to class groupings accordingly. Dancers who make up our  Company Program have gone through an audition process to be accepted and placed for fall.  If you are interested in a private audition please email Miss Mara at All students must be pre-registered.  Pre-registration begins in April of each year by completing on-line registration.  A registration fee of $30.00 per family fee is charged. Classes will be filled in the order these are received.  REGISTRATION WILL BE DEEMED COMPLETE WHEN A SIGNED CONTRACT AND APPROPRIATE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICE.